My Experience With Bobbie: Organic Baby Formula

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Before I go into this post, I want to say upfront that it does not matter how you feed your baby. A fed baby is a healthy baby no matter if they are given formula, breast milk, pumped milk, or donor milk. What is best for your baby, is what is best for the mama. I will forever preach that because the mommy guilt that I experienced when I was not able to breastfeed was intense.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had planned to breastfeed. Fast forward to 36 weeks into my pregnancy, my son, Cooper decided to make his entrance into the world a month early. My entire pregnancy was during the Covid-19 pandemic, so there were no in-person birth classes offered. That left me on my own to navigate educating myself on the birth process. The classes were all virtual, making it difficult for me to stay connected and interested in the topics. I was able to get through a labor course and some hypnobirthing, but what I did not have time to prepare myself for was breastfeeding. I kind of just dropped the ball on it. I’m not sure if that was due to me inadvertently avoiding the topic because I was terrified or if I ended up truly just not having enough time to prepare.

In the hospital, they put my baby right on my chest to nurse as soon as he was born (this is now common practice). I was not prepared for the amount of pain that I was about to experience. I tried again and again and nothing could get me through that initial electric pain that I felt from my chest to my toes. The nurses tried to get me to use a pump and that was even more excruciating. I was hysterical. How was I going to feed my baby? I met with a lactation consultant and worked with the nurses on the floor to hand express to get the colostrum (nutrient-dense milk that is full of immune-supportive properties). Luckily, for me, this was much more manageable. What was unfortunate was they sent me home from the hospital with a plan to hand express, syringe feed my baby, and continue to try breastfeeding. This was a plan that set me up for absolute failure.

I was in tears all day because the pain was not getting any better. My nipples were raw and bruised. A week in I found out my baby had lost a pound, which isn’t uncommon for newborns, but my pediatrician was concerned because he was a preemie. He was not getting enough calories to even stay awake to continue to try and feed at the breast. My pediatrician finally recommended I stop breast/syringe feeding and start to supplement with formula. I had been trying so hard to breastfeed my baby and felt such intense pressure to hold off on formula. But the pediatrician telling me this, was like giving me the permission I needed and lifting a huge weight off my chest. This recommendation changed everything for me and my baby. I was finally able to see a light at the end of the tunnel from the extreme exhaustion and hopelessness I was consumed by.

milk drunk
Milk Drunk On Bobbie

Before giving birth I knew there was a possibility that I would have to supplement with formula. I did my research and chose the one I felt was best for me and my baby. That happened to be Bobbie’s formula. I began giving my son mostly pumped milk while introducing the formula slowly and surprisingly it didn’t phase him in the least bit! Because of my experience at the beginning with breastfeeding/pumping I had trouble with my milk supply. I continued pumping for as long as I could and kept adding more formula over time. Cooper is now 4.5 months old and has been exclusively fed formula for one month.

My Experience with Bobbie

The reason I chose to go with Bobbie initially was that it was organic, but once I started to research more into the company I was convinced this was the right fit for us.

A Bit About Bobbie

Bobbie is the only female-founded, mom-led, baby formula company in the United States. The team is made up of scientists, operators, marketers, and medical experts who struggled to breastfeed exclusively. They were unhappy with the formulas marketed in the U.S. so they decided to create their own.

The Science Behind Bobbie

This is the area that really sold me.

Bobbie is free of

  • corn syrup
  • palm oil
  • gluten
  • antibiotics
  • GMO’s

Bobbie is based on European standards of formula and meets the US FDA nutritional requirements. European formulas are modeled after breast milk in regards to nutritional composition and do not include additional unnecessary ingredients.

All of Bobbie’s ingredients come from organic farms and are processed in small batches with high attention to detail. The milk is sourced from only pasture-raised cows. All ingredients are obtained from within the U.S. and manufactured in the state of Vermont.

Bobbie formula uses both whey and casein protein. Breast milk’s whey to casein ratio is 60:40 compared to cow milk 20:80. Bobbie uses the same ratio as breast milk so it is tolerated with ease and gentle on babies’ tummy.

Other Info

For an organic formula that boasts all these wonderful things, I was so surprised when I saw how affordable it was compared to other formulas. A can of Bobbie is $24.00 for 14.1oz compared to the leading formula in the US being $17.99 for 12.4oz. Broken down that is $1.70 per ounce of Bobbie compared to $1.45 per ounce for the leading formula.

They offer a few different options for purchasing off their

  • For new customers they offer a trial bundle, where you B1G1 with free shipping for $26
  • One-Time Bundle- 4 cans + shipping = $116
  • Subscription (this what I do)- You can pick 4, 8, or 10 cans and they offer free shipping

We use their monthly subscription plan and it comes in the mail insanely fast, usually within 2 days!

Bobbie formula gives me the freedom and flexibility I need to be a good mom while feeling great about what I am putting in my baby’s belly!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I could earn a small commission if you make a purchase using one. This comes at no additional cost to you and I will only ever share items I have used myself and tested out.


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