How To Plan A Micro Wedding

In honor of me and my husbands first wedding anniversary, I am going to share our experience with planning a micro wedding, and how we did that with a budget of $6,000. What Is A Micro Wedding? A micro wedding is a nuptial event with a smaller guest list. You are still able to haveRead More


C-section Recovery Tips

My Exerience When I first found out that I was pregnant my furthest thought was the possibility of having a Caesarean birth (C-section). As a female, you are brought up with the knowledge of babies being born through the vagina and all the horror stories that come with that. Because of this I was terrifiedRead More


The BEST Way to Enjoy Bone Broth

What is bone broth? Bone broth is all the hype right now for its health benefits. It contains minerals and nutrients that could support joint and gut health, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is good for skin and hair.   What is the difference between bone broth and regular broth or stock? There are three differentRead More


Baby Registry Favorites

My Top 20 Favorite Baby Items Being a first-time mom, I had no idea where to start when registering for my baby shower. I began asking friends and family members what their favorite, could not live without, baby items were. From there, I tried to put a lot of thought and research into each item.Read More


Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Cooking a full turkey breast can be time-consuming but this bone-in half turkey breast is perfect for two! This turkey keeps its moisture by starting of roasting the dish at a high temperature to get the skin crispy and brown (yummm) and then continue cooking at a lower temperature to lock in that moisture. WhatRead More


Happy New Year!

2021 Has been a year filled with many ups and downs with some tears and smiles but one thing for sure is it was filled with lots of love. I got married to my wonderful husband at the beginning of the year and in the Fall we welcomed our baby boy Cooper! I certainly haveRead More