Crispy Baked Chicken Wings

No need for getting out the messy deep fryer with these chicken wings! You can achieve that golden brown crispy skin by cooking them slowly in the oven. You start them at a low temperature to melt the fat, then kick the temperature up to blast them with heat. Who Doesn’t Love Chicken Wings?! InRead More


DIY Birch Tree Wall Mural

Step-by-Step Tutorial For Painting Birch Trees When I began to dream up what my baby’s nursery would look like, I knew I wanted something gender-neutral. I didn’t want it to scream boy or girl. After searching online for inspiration, I decided on a woodlands animal theme. I saw a bunch of these awesome full-wall treeRead More


How To Play With Your Newborn

10 Activities for babies 0-3 months Wondering what to do with your baby all day? I wondered that too. They are at that stage where they are just beginning to interact with you while you play. They are making eye contact, following your every move, and then the absolute very best, around 2 months theyRead More


How To Plan A Micro Wedding

In honor of me and my husbands first wedding anniversary, I am going to share our experience with planning a micro wedding, and how we did that with a budget of $6,000. What Is A Micro Wedding? A micro wedding is a nuptial event with a smaller guest list. You are still able to haveRead More


C-section Recovery Tips

My Exerience When I first found out that I was pregnant my furthest thought was the possibility of having a Caesarean birth (C-section). As a female, you are brought up with the knowledge of babies being born through the vagina and all the horror stories that come with that. Because of this I was terrifiedRead More


The BEST Way to Enjoy Bone Broth

What is bone broth? Bone broth is all the hype right now for its health benefits. It contains minerals and nutrients that could support joint and gut health, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is good for skin and hair.   What is the difference between bone broth and regular broth or stock? There are three differentRead More